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Experience the perfect blend of serenity and balance as you take to the river or lake for a paddleboarding adventure. We also offer the opportunity to combine the tranquility of paddleboarding with the mindfulness of yoga or meditation. Glide along the water's surface, soak in the peaceful surroundings, and find your centre.

Wild Swimming

Take to the River Itchen or one of our lakes and enjoy all the benefits that wild swimming has to offer. Afterward, bask in the warmth of our fire pits or transition to a soothing hot tub, savouring the perfect combination of elemental experiences for an unforgettable retreat.

Rowing and Kayaking

Set out on a rowing or kayaking excursion along the picturesque River Itchen or our tranquil lakes. Whether you choose the gentle pace of rowing or the adventure of kayaking, our waters provide the ideal backdrop for a leisurely exploration of Avington Estate's natural beauty.


Cast your line into the rich history of Avington Lakes, home to the oldest fishery in England and renowned for offering some of the finest angling experiences. As you immerse yourself in the time-honoured tradition of fishing, our tranquil lakes set the stage for a truly memorable day by the water. We can arrange lessons and offer a wide range of fishing techniques including fly, lure, pole fishing and pond dipping for young children.