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Timeless beauty in every corner

In the serene Hampshire countryside, Avington weaves a tale of grandeur and rich history. A cherished host to kings and royal courtiers for centuries, today it stands as a harmonious family estate. Avington Park, Avington Lakes, and The Chestnut Horse Pub grace this idyllic escape.

Avington Park

Avington Park is more than an architectural wonder, it’s a journey through time. Embrace the captivating tales and traditions that shaped this historic estate. Each room echoes moments in time, harmonising with its timeless natural beauty.

Avington Lakes

A peaceful haven, where nature's exquisite beauty unfolds. Whether you’re an angler seeking the perfect catch or an outdoor enthusiast craving tranquility, the pristine waters and unspoiled landscapes of Avington Lakes await, promising serenity and respite.

The Chestnut Horse

In the neighbouring village of Easton,The Chestnut Horse is our beloved traditional pub. Following an extensive refurbishment, it offers cosy dining spaces, a private dining room, a friendly bar and outdoor terrace, snug bedrooms, and a charming village deli shop.