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Axe Throwing

Showcase your inner lumberjack with the thrilling experience of axe throwing. Perfect your aim, channel your focus, and release your competitive spirit as you hurl axes at wooden targets. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you'll learn the art of precision and gain a newfound appreciation for this exhilarating outdoor pursuit. Axe throwing is a unique and unforgettable activity that promises to hit the bullseye of adventure.


Step into the world of archery and discover this historic practice, now a modern sport. Our archery experiences offer the perfect opportunity to test your aim and concentration as you draw your bow and release your arrow toward the target. With expert guidance, you'll hone your skills with medieval flair, enjoying a unique and engaging activity in the heart of our picturesque estate.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Our expertly crafted shooting experiences invite you to test your accuracy and reflexes in a thrilling outdoor setting. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, our professional instructors will ensure you have a safe and memorable time. Take aim, pull the trigger, and watch the clays shatter against the beautiful backdrop of our estate.


Journey into the ancient world of falconry, where you can experience the art of training and hunting with these magnificent birds of prey. Our falconry experiences provide a rare opportunity to connect with these majestic creatures in a natural and beautiful environment. Under the guidance of our skilled falconers, you'll witness the awe-inspiring flight and precision of these raptors.

Quad Biking

Rev up your adventure with our exhilarating quad biking experiences. Set against the backdrop of our expansive grounds, these rugged four-wheelers promise an action-packed journey filled with thrills and scenic beauty. Navigate winding trails, conquer challenging terrain, and enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled escapade on our quad biking adventures. It's an exciting way to explore the estate's diverse landscape and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Cycling, Walking & Jogging

Explore Avington and the neighbouring villages at your own pace with our cycling, walking, and jogging trails. We provide detailed maps to guide you. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride, a brisk walk, or a heart-pounding jog, there are routes to suit every fitness level. Discover the serenity of the outdoors and relish the freedom to choose your own path.